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POSTED 2/28/2023

I bought my GEN 2 Nor-Vice brass hub in 1998. It comes with a matching thread post and the smaller wheel jaws and I’ve since added shank jaws. It should accommodate the current standard large and fine point jaws with no problem. I’ve been told it is a quick and easy fix to upgrade to a front hub that will accept new components if desired.  This vice comes with a base/storage box that is especially nice to have and the original VHS instruction tape.  I’ve also included an original version of the auto bobbin which is still compatible with the current version of spools. A dubbing table is an additional plus along with a hair stacker. I’m asking $300 for the whole set up.

Also for sale is a box of materials including hooks, a large selection of hair, dubbing materials etc. for $30

Margie Brandon 541-601-2428

POSTED 11/7/2021

For Sale – 7 older, very heavy double ring crab rings (30”) with lg. floats and 50’ rope.  Most rings have bait boxes. Netting on some rings need repair (replacement netting available from Walmart on-line for $10 plus shipping). These are $20/each.  All stainless-steel crab pot, 30” diameter, with rope and large float. $75
Bruce Bockman 541-471-1985

POSTED 10/29/2021

Collectible Fly Fishing Equipment

In the late 50’s my father bought the property in Galice downriver from the Galice store. He developed lots. In the myrtle wood grove, an older man named “Doc Shore” lived in a canvas wall tent. The rumor was that he had been a doctor in Maine who “dropped out”, moved to Galice where he was a fanatic and amazing fly fisherman. He tied flies for sale. My father left him in place until he died some years later. There were no contacts for any relatives, so my dad cleaned up his camp and brought the fly rod, a few flies, and old reel home. It was the early 1960s.

We always considered the rod to be very beautiful and special. When my dad died, I brought it home. It has always lived in the original cylinder. 

Value? If the Thomas Rod Company website is accurate $1100+. But some other sites indicate less.   

I would consider a price of $800, for the FE Thomas split bamboo rod, the old Wanita fly reel, four packs of flies, and the Orvis wicker creel.                                              

Please contact Nancy Rodine at 541-660-3962 or 541-474-5677 or

POSTED 6/12/2020

My late husband, Richard Hardin, was an active fisherman and steelheader a few years back. I am selling 5 of his fly rods and 4 reels. Two of the rods are hand and custom made. One is a split bamboo rod, and the other is a graphite rod. The other three rods are either graphite or fiber glass. The reels vary in quality. I will be offering this equipment for sale at a garage sale at our home on June 26 and 27 unless someone buys any before the sale. I can be reached at 541-474-7932. The address is 105 N.W. Sinclair Drive in northwest Grants Pass.
I would appreciate the word being spread among your fishermen.
Thank you.

Karen Hardin

POSTED 5/10/2020

Scadden Excalliber XX with Frame and Trailer $3950.  Scadden 2 person fishing craft with frame, hard seats on swivels, Sawyer Oars, and 201 8 Iron Eagle Versa Max Ralf Addition Trailer.  Overall length 12 ft.  Like new condition, mfg 2017.  For any additional information,  contact Bruce Barrow at

POSTED 3/12/2020

Two PAC 9000 nine foot pontoon boats, red and gray, including custom boat trailer.  Made in USA.  Cost $1800 each.  Selling for $800 each including trailer.  Contact Bobbie White, 541-472-0824.