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Online Auction

The Auction Is live.  It Opened On Saturday, February 17th And Will Run Through Friday, February 23rd.

Speaking of the auction, click on the button below to go to the auction website to view and bid on items.  There are 187 items cataloged with a fair market value over $34,000, and ten raffles for fly tying equipment and materials.



As an incentive to get you to register we are offering 10 free raffle tickets to all who register to bid from 9 AM today, Tuesday February 20th through 5 PM Wednesday, February 21.

After you successfully register to bid you can go to the auction top page and view the 8 raffles listed under the “Fund-A-Need and More” heading on the left side of the page.  You will have 10 free tickets with which to enter one or more of the raffles.  You can use them all in one raffle or spread them across two or more of the raffles.  Your selections will show up in your cart as unpaid purchases.  On Thursday morning those purchases will be marked as paid and you will be entered into the raffle(s) you allocated your ten free tickets to.

You are encouraged to buy more raffle tickets but please make the 10 ticket allocation separate and distinct from additional purchases.  That will facilitate the accounting for them as paid.

Below is a video to help you get started with Registering!

How To Register on Bidding Owl: