On The Water

February 12,2018

The Rogue River has some winter fish showing up in the Grants Pass area in good numbers. I’ve checked out the boat ramps between Grants Pass and Robinson Bridge and there are good numbers of drift boat trailers indicating the presence of fish. Fishermen have reported catching fish below Robinson and at Griffin Park. Some fish are being caught at the Tavern Hole on the Applegate and also above the 199 Hwy but the water is very low and fishing is better early in the morning. Fish the tail outs early and the deeper holes. The Cow is also holding some fish, The Pres. and I have landed fish last week and the club’s outing is looking good. Bring some orange Steelhead flies like the Polar Shrimp to swing making sure to cast as close to the bank and then swing across the creek. The fish were holding near the bank and hit the fly only a few feet into the swing. The deeper holes hold fish and best fished using an indicator with a weighted stonefly nymph with a smaller nymph or egg pattern dropped 12”-18” inches below it. It’s time to get on the water!

Joe (knapikj@sbcglobal.net)

February 4, 2018

Anticipating the next push of fish into the local waters has proven to be fruitless. I’ve been wading through my favorite spots on the Applegate without getting a bump! What’s going on? We clearly had plenty of rain raising the water level to around 900 cfs, making it prefect for fish to move up, so where are they? This situation has got me to do a little soul searching, looking to past years I’ve come to the realization that I’m probably too early. In the past, my best days fishing have come when certain natural situations occur at the same time. When I lived back East, I looked forward to fishing the Light Cahill and Sulphur hatches and learned from the Old Timers that the hatches coincided with the Dogwood trees blooming. Here, a different story, my best days happened when the Herons were nesting and usually the best indicator has been the arrival of the Osprey. How about you? Do you have any local knowledge to share with our members? If you would like to share any information, please contact me.

Joe (knapikj@sbcglobal.net)

January 24, 2018

Interesting lecture by Matt Schmasow: Mayflies, Stoneflies & Caddisflies.  View video – MidCurrent

January 11, 2018

With much anticipation, the opening for Steelhead on the Applegate River finally arrived and I just had to go. I found the river to be really low around 290 cfs, most of the river had changed quite a bit from the high water last year. I saw many Salmon Redds and enough carcasses to know that the river had a really good summer run. As I moved through water, I saw spinners and plugs stuck in the redds confirming that some of the trout fisherman were actually targeting the salmon. I carefully removed all the hardware that I could from the redds and headed to a run that might be fishable. I found the run to be in good shape and reluctantly put on an indicator with a weighted stonefly nymph and an egg as a dropper. As I worked this setup though the top of the run, careful not to miss covering one square foot, the indicator stopped and I was rewarded with the first Steelie of the year. It was a beautiful hen that took the stonefly nymph. Later a cutthroat grabbed the egg dropper, ending a perfect opening day.

The Applegate river will get better as the water flow increases and as the winter run reaches our area, so get on the water.